Best Paying Jobs for College Students [Work & Study Plan]

A Georgetown University Center on Education survey found that roughly 70% of college students work while enrolled in classes. It can be challenging to keep a job during the demanding college years, especially in careers that call for traditional 9 to 5 work schedules; frequently, these employers offer little flexibility in terms of shift changes, and some only offer full-time, salaried positions that may not be compatible with school academic schedules.

You don’t have to choose between maintaining a job while you are a student and maintaining good grades; you can have both.

On university and student union websites, college students can find good jobs. On the blackboards, job openings are frequently posted. On campus and at a number of nearby businesses and organizations, there are openings for librarian and research assistant positions.

The majority of international students are, in fact, compelled to work to pay for at least some of their living and education costs.

College students have access to a wide range of enjoyable and straightforward jobs. While pursuing a degree, you can work in the following fields:

1. Employment opportunities for college students over the summer or winter vacations

Most nations allow three months of full-time employment in between school years. The nicest thing about summer jobs is that you don’t have to worry about them affecting your class schedule. Just concentrate on doing well at work. Not to mention the benefits of working in a tourist-friendly resort or seaside village.



2. Part-time jobs for college students

Getting a part-time job is a great method to pay for the costs associated with your studies. Depending on how well-paid the employment is, you could also be able to make a little more cash. You may choose your own schedule since there are several flexible part-time positions available.

A part-time job might provide you valuable experience, regardless of whether you work in a customer service center, on campus, or as an assistant in a large corporation. Along with investigating less obvious options, think about taking a part-time job in your area of interest since it might be an excellent learning experience and help you acquire a broad range of abilities.

You are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week as an international student enrolled in a semester (in most developed countries).

3. Internship participation by university students

A smart way to get real-world work experience is to participate in an unpaid internship. Universities provide them extensively as a component of degree programs. Your performance throughout your work placement may be reviewed. As part of the placement, you may also need to turn in some progress reports and finish a project.

You will often do work assignments between your second and final academic year, sometimes referred to as year placements. The majority of the top graduate recruiters post job openings from the beginning of the fall semester until the conclusion of the spring semester.

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4. Positions for internship-seeking college students

You could establish a successful career with internships at a reputed firm that is related to your academic interests. Following the completion of several paid internships, you can have the chance to be employed.

Even if you don’t get the job, you’ll still receive solid recommendations for other positions and build relationships with people who could wind up working with you in the future. Everyone benefits from internships since they provide you the chance to learn more about the subject you want to study.

5. Volunteering-related fun jobs for college students

In order to give back to the community, network, and gain experience in the field, volunteering may be a better option than employment while you are a student. Volunteering can help you understand social issues better and contribute to at least some of the solutions. Your work will not only be greatly valued, but you might also contribute original ideas or work with organizations or groups to address various social issues.

You could meet people while volunteering that you might subsequently use as references for jobs or who you might hire in the future.

6. Observation or job shadowing over the summer or winter break

Spend some time researching one or more corporate workers. The vacations are the ideal time to work shadow to get knowledge about the kind of job required in a certain sector. Job shadowing may be a special opportunity for you to gain knowledge in a situation when possibilities for paid work experience are limited, even if it is seldom a compensated option.

Work shadowing is never publicized; instead, you must speak with the employer directly to learn more about the assignment. While less organized and more difficult to get than an apprenticeship, work shadowing is comparable to one.

In order to receive the knowledge you need during any job shadowing assignment, you should constantly ask questions. To understand the fundamentals of the business or the topic you are studying, you may even need to do some independent research.

7. Self-employed or temporary

This agreement’s versatility will benefit both the company and you, the employee. Even if they are often engaged for brief and even erratic periods of time, you may have a long-term relationship with them. If you’re a casual employee, you could be requested to work on short notice, and you’ll typically be given notice when your services are no longer required.

Instead of a written contract or agreement, you will get a little bonus for your work hours to make up for the lack of one. The most common kind of casual employment are remote and telecommuting positions.

It is feasible to have a set or flexible schedule when working from home in front of a computer. Working from home might be beneficial if you have a steady internet connection and sometimes use the phone.

The biggest benefit is that, even if you are a student in the US, Canada, or Europe, you may work for a company with headquarters anywhere in the world. The majority of telecommuting employment are in writing, editing, data entry, virtual consulting, and customer support.

Students Have Part-Time Employment Options (Work and Study Plan)

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Since most students choose for part-time employment, it is essential to understand which part-time positions are in high demand.

1. University research assistants

University research assistants may expect to earn between $15 and $20 per hour. This kind of work has several benefits for you and may help with your academic aspirations since you are already familiar with the area and the people. Working in this sector may be enjoyable and financially advantageous for college students.

2. Hiring college students as administrative assistants

Answering the phone, giving customers or business partners information, and managing other administrative activities will be your key responsibilities.

3. A teacher

Teaching is one of the professions with the greatest salaries for college students. If you like teaching and have the skills necessary to do it much more successfully, you may work as a tutor in a school or even for some local businesses. Teaching is fun when you are enthusiastic about what you are doing.

College students who can teach get one of the highest hourly rates on our list, despite the fact that not all of them have the skills or resources to do so. There are several places where one may obtain tutoring positions, including for-profit businesses, peer tutoring programs at institutions, and even remotely via online tools. Regardless of their platform, the teacher will undoubtedly enjoy and benefit from having a lot of flexibility in this part-time position.


    • Academic support
    • Getting ready for a test
    • Training in essay writing
    • Depending on their level of experience and the requirements of their pupils, tutors may earn $30 to $85 per hour (and even much more).

4. Servers in restaurants and bars

The hourly wage for waiters in cafés and bars is seven euros. One of the simplest occupations you might find can be waiting tables in a bar or café. The majority of these employees also have flexible schedules.

5. Shop personnel

Want to find a fulfilling job while you’re still in school? Consider the cashiers. You might make around $14 per hour in this profession while assisting consumers in making the best purchase choice. You must possess strong communication skills to succeed in this position.

6. Jobs as nannies for college students

Easy jobs for students in college

Nanny jobs are popular among college students because they provide plenty of independence. Depending on the age of the children, some nannies just need to work in the afternoon, while others taking care of infants are lucky enough to complete their term papers during naps. Children who attend costly schools also benefit from the fact that some families are willing to exchange accommodation and board for daycare.


    1. Homework assistance for pupils of all ages
    1. juggling home responsibilities
    2. getting food ready
    1. taking care of the health of the kids
    1. Taking children to playdates
    2. Pickup and drop-off at schools
  1. Nanny hourly compensation may vary greatly depending on where you work.
  2. Customer service representatives

Take calls, go through any questions or issues raised by customers, and reply. You need to have good people skills, be patient, and be smart. You must be proficient in German as well. Usually, you can make your own timetable.

By donning a headset and working in a call center, many college students may develop a cushion. Most businesses want staff to be available on weekends and in the evenings since it’s their goal to get customers to pick up the phone—a schedule that the majority of college students can easily commit to. Although bilingual applicants with past sales experience are sometimes preferred by hiring managers, any student who speaks fluently and isn’t scared to give a sales presentation might succeed in this position.


  1. handling incoming and outgoing phone calls
  2. reciting a script that has been written.
  3. promoting goods or requesting donations
  4. creating a database with consumer information
  5. analyzing the client’s issues

8. College students might become virtual helpers

job opportunities for part-time college students

Virtual assistant is one of the best and highest-paying careers for college students. Students may look for and apply for the work-from-home opportunity online. Busy professionals may get assistance from a virtual assistant with everyday activities, IT, research, scheduling, and other things. Any college student who is organized, computer savvy, and preferably has prior administrative experience would be a good fit for this position. The fact that all work may be done remotely and, in certain cases, at any time of day makes the offer more alluring.


  1. establishing and maintaining schedules
  2. creating travel arrangements
  3. pursuing analysis
  4. regulating financial data
  5. Website, social media, and IT support
  6. Virtual assistants may earn up to $15.64 per hour.
  7. 9. On-site interviewer

Customers’ opinions on goods or services are often the focus of requests for data collecting from specific businesses or groups, which ultimately result in surveys.

10. Jobs delivering packages to homes for college students

Deliver goods to customers’ houses while working for a restaurant or online retailer. Although the job is well rewarded, be aware that tips are often given.

11. College students who work professionally in fitness

Employment opportunities for college students over the summer or winter vacations

Fitness facilities are always looking for qualified fitness instructors that can work with clients early in the morning and late at night. Students with plenty of energy who have a personal trainer certification, participate in collegiate sports, or focus on kinesiology, dance, or physical therapy are strong candidates for jobs as fitness professionals.


    1. customizing sessions in accordance with each client’s fitness objectives
    1. assisting in teaching group courses
    2. evaluating the fitness of clients
    3. supplying consumers with dietary and health information

Fitness teachers make around $19.79 per hour.

12. A dog walker or pet caretaker

Do you love animals and could need some extra cash? Start a career as a dog walker or pet sitter if that is the case. On platforms like Rover, there are on-demand employment options to suit even the most unique schedules. If they are willing and able to do so, proprietors of dog daycares and overnight pet sitters may make twice as much money as dog walkers. Of course, your pay may be much higher if you have past experience caring for non-traditional pets including farm animals, reptiles, and horses.


    1. exercising a dog
    2. Animal care
    3. distributing medicine
  1. Animal emergencies
  2. pet transportation

Dog walking and/or pet sitting can pay between $15 and $40 per hour, depending on the area and the chores accomplished.

A part-time job may enhance a college student’s resume.

You might use the funds for other common student costs, your tuition, paying off a portion of your student loan, or other things (accommodation, insurance, etc.). Working while enrolled in school often has advantages beyond financial gain.

Along with enhancing your feeling of accountability and discipline, the experience will help your money management abilities and overall enhance your résumé.

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