There are several options when it comes to the highest paid professions in marine transportation. While some of these vocations are centered on land, some are placed aboard ships.

In any case, you can anticipate a strong demand for these positions, which should make them quite lucrative for those with the necessary training and expertise. Consider working as a shipfitter, an ordinary sailor, or even a freight broker if you’re seeking for a well-paying position.

Marine Transportation’s Highest Paying Positions

The highest paying positions in marine transportation include the following:


Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

If you love the ocean, a career as a shipfitter may be a lucrative choice. These workers get a competitive wage and reimbursement for all of their onboard expenditures. Long vacations are also permitted by the profession, and you may save money while traveling. The oceans and seas are used to carry 90% of all goods and minerals worldwide. This indicates that there is a considerable demand for these professionals and that the compensation is competitive.

A high school diploma or a GED is necessary for employment as a shipfitter. The job sector is large, providing a wide range of options and calling for a wide range of talents. It also gives you the opportunity to follow your hobbies without ever leaving your house.



Other lucrative positions in the marine transportation industry include journalism, maritime law, and maritime architecture. The list continues.

One of the most crucial jobs in the maritime transportation sector is shipfitter. You are in charge of one problem and the largest portion of a ship’s movement in this role. Additionally, you must be well-versed in welding and riveting. Ship fitters also contribute significantly to the construction of a ship at a shipyard and earn an average salary of $24,000 annually.



You will be in charge of preserving a ship’s mechanical and structural integrity as a shipfitter. You will also be in charge of maintaining the equipment in the engine room. A ship superintendent is a position that you may pursue if you have a solid mechanical background.

You must have a degree to protect your safety since this is one of the most important occupations at sea. A shipfitter might earn up to $62,000 per year if they are enthusiastic about the maritime transportation sector, although a college degree is not necessary for employment in the maritime transportation industry, it is strongly advised in order to qualify for the higher-paying positions.



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A great tolerance for boredom and physical effort are required for many occupations in water transportation. For employment with greater salaries, a bachelor’s degree is required. To learn more about maritime transportation, you may also want to think considering attending trade school.

Regular Seaman

A civil service mariner who works for the U.S. Navy is known as an ordinary seaman. For the Navy, they provide timely supplies, strategic sealift, and specialized operations. There is a greater need for security as the globe gets more linked. By being taught to recognize suspect behavior and alert management to it, an Ordinary Seaman may play a significant part in the security of cargo.

For a range of businesses, those who choose to become Ordinary Seamen will be allocated to various ship types. Fishing, exploration, oil, and environmental enterprises are a few of these industries. An Ordinary Seaman’s tasks often include anchoring and mooring the ship and keeping it clean and in good shape. All rope lines on board are also taken care of by them, before being accepted into the program, an applicant must pass a written test and have 6 months or more of work experience. Additionally, they must be certified to use small guns.

After three years of service, an Ordinary Seaman may also achieve an Unlimited Able Seaman. One of the best paid positions in maritime transportation is that of an Ordinary Seaman. A successful candidate will also be able to gain support from a variety of sources.

A captain has a different role in sea transportation. A captain is trained in a maritime school and is in charge of steering a ship. Their annual pay typically ranges from $50,000 to $75,000, which is considerable.

A boatswain position is an additional option. Boatswains are in charge of maintaining the deck crew and the ship. They must be driven and knowledgeable about maritime law in order to get hired.

An inferior crew member on a ship is called an Ordinary Seaman. They carry out regular upkeep, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs in the Deck Department sections. Chipping, scaling, scraping, priming, and cleaning the ship’s decks, cargo equipment, and emergency damage control equipment are a few of these duties. Being in charge of the ship’s engine is also typical.

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Ship’s Master(Captain)

Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

Being a ship captain or top officer is one of the best paying occupations in the maritime industry. In 2022, a ship captain will have an average income of $80,970. Ship captains with the highest salaries made $138,620 year, while those with the lowest salaries took home $35,640.

The location and kind of ship affect a ship captain’s pay. You need to have previous maritime experience in order to become a ship captain, before becoming a ship captain, many persons begin as first officers or deckhands, because of this Some individuals even begin their careers in the military before switching to commercial transportation.

Being a ship captain has a lot of advantages these includes the followings:

You will first get a wage that is competitive. You’ll be able to work with folks from many different nations while earning a career as a ship captain. It need training and experience to do this job.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to operate huge boats in a fast-paced setting. You must be a team player and have a strong group of friends if you want to succeed in this career.

Having a profession as a ship captain may be ideal for you if you like working outside. You may work in a small team, earn a high salary, and have a significant impact on the global economy.

This work is also perfect for you if you want to take risks. You’ll get the chance to traverse the ocean and encounter choppy waters while journeying from coast to coast.

A bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma, as well as a captain’s license, are requirements for becoming a ship captain. Although most companies prefer you have a master’s degree before you begin the captain’s responsibilities, you may still get essential experience as a deckhand.

You may become a ship captain and earn more than $150k a year if you have the necessary educational background and a love for your job.

Transport (Freight) Broker

Freight brokers are among of the highest-paid jobs in the maritime transportation sector if you’re thinking about a career in that field.

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As part of their duties, these brokers must certify motor carriers, onboard them, examine their business practices, and make sure that they adhere to the law. Freight brokers must engage in supply chain industry groups and instructional material creation on top of their regular duties. These initiatives demonstrate a freight broker’s dedication to the business.

A freight broker is very in-demand right now because of how quickly the eCommerce sector has expanded. Even though the majority of companies cannot afford a whole fleet of trucks, they still need a trustworthy shipping partner.

By integrating the two parties’ procedures and collecting commissions, freight brokers serve as a link between them. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 11 billion tons of freight are moved annually by trucks, because of these market need professional freight brokers to keep things going.

Between shippers and carriers, freight brokers function as a middleman. Although they no longer have authority over the goods, they physically gain ownership of it. Multiple minor shipments are combined and rearranged by freight brokers in preparation for transportation.

Independent contractors, small firms, or single proprietors who work for a certified freight broker are known as freight agents. These folks make above $67,908 annually.

Freight brokers serve as the main liaison between shippers and carriers, facilitating a seamless handoff and ensuring safe delivery. Their high pay are in line with the wide range of tasks they carry out.

Freight brokers manage the logistics and assist in preserving enduring connections with their carrier partners. With a typical income of $60,000, they are among the best-paying maritime transportation positions, a good freight broker may make substantially more money than the average annual compensation of around $60,000 for freight brokers.

Train to be a shipbuilding engineer if you’re interested in a job in maritime transportation. For this professional route, four years of education are necessary, as well as excellent math and scientific abilities.

A strong work ethic and the willingness to put in a lot of effort are crucial qualifications for a career in the marine business, which is mostly male. Working in maritime transportation may be quite profitable, which is the most gratifying element of it.

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