List of Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Nigeria as we all know is so fortunate to have access to numerous natural resources and extensive agriculturally productive land. Prior to the discovery of oil, agriculture was an important source of the nation’s wealth. Additionally, the government has prioritized reclaiming that market in recent years.

As a result, agriculture has received a lot of attention, which has encouraged young entrepreneurs to start businesses of their own. Nigeria now offers investment opportunities in the agricultural sector as a result of this strategy’s success. You can now make money from the market without actually farming.

Find a list of the best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria and all the information you need to know about them in the following paragraphs.

What are the farming venture stages in Nigeria?

There are a lot of investment platforms in the country that offer different investments and returns depending on the produce. In addition, while some of these platforms merely connect investors and farmers, others actually carry out agricultural activities. The most important agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria are:

1. Agro partnership

With the assistance of Agropartnerships, a straightforward and safe collaborative platform, you can take part in lucrative agricultural opportunities from the convenience of your own home. You can quickly count your profits by investing in farms and commodity trading.

You won’t have to deal with the usual stress that comes with top-tier farming because of the platform. Simply put, we use the best knowledge, resources, and equipment to produce top-notch harvests that will generate a profit, and you fund a farm on whatever scale your wallet will allow.

Commodities from agriculture can now be traded locally and globally, even while you’re traveling. If you choose a trade, that trade will handle sales, sourcing, handling, logistics, and warehousing. Every trade on the platform has a guaranteed market and is covered.

2. Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is a global AgTech company that works to eliminate inefficiencies in the food value chain.

Technology is used to connect stakeholders and facilitate easy access to processed foods, agricultural inputs, and farm products in their business strategy. With a focus on creating a household name that is unrivaled in Africa’s digital agricultural sector and is known for innovating in the field of food security, the objective is to provide premium value to all parties involved in the food value chain. Farmcrowdy’s goal is to be the best agtech company advancing food supply chain sustainability worldwide.

3. Agrorite

By guaranteeing neighborhood and worldwide fair exchange of agrarian products, Agrorite is improving the way of life for smallholder ranchers and expanding the benefit of the agribusiness area.

Smallholder farmers may be able to close the financial gap if they have access to high-quality farm inputs, seedlings, and technical assistance.

In accordance with its mission to provide premium markets for smallholder farmers, Agrorite has networks of dependable off-takers on four continents and the ability to buy from onboarded farmers.

Agrorite could trade agricultural goods across four continents for over 300,000 MT. Sesame seeds, cashew nuts, ginger, peanuts, cocoa, hibiscus flower, and shea butter are among our specialties.

4. Agro park Farm management

is Agro Park Development Company Limited (APDCL)’s main line of business. It is involved in every step of the agricultural value chain. Their objective is to provide nations with better food while also managing farms for individuals, businesses, and institutional investors.

5. Farmbuddy Technology Limited,

more commonly referred to as Farmbuddy, is a agritech company with locations in Lagos, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. They collaborate with seasoned farmers and agronomists for farm production in order to provide a growing population with farm goods of high quality, security, and reasonable prices. In Isiwo, Ogun State, they have farms that cover more than 200 acres. Cucumber, tomato, chicken, snail, pig, cassava, plantains, rice, grass cutter, and other crops and animal farms are among the investments made by the investment platform. Because their farming operations are carried out in settings that are strictly regulated, fresh product and livestock safety can be improved.

6. Agrilet

is a platform for agribusiness that aims to boost agricultural product profitability and sustainability while also providing high investment returns.

7. Bazuze

BAZUZE is a platform for agricultural commodity trading partnerships that gives people who don’t have the time, knowledge, or ability to work in agriculture the chance to exchange agricultural products for exports to both domestic and international markets. By increasing the capacity of underserved smallholder farmers to lose and waste after harvest, they accomplish this.

8. Crowdyvest

is an impact-driven financial technology platform that develops financial solutions for a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to long-term growth and financial freedom. It is an all-in-one financial solution for individuals and businesses to achieve short-term or long-term goals while fostering impactful growth.

9. Ezfarming

The first farm accelerator, the EZ Farming platform, was launched in the fourth quarter of 2018 to assist African farmers in rapidly expanding their operations and locating customers. They connect smallholder farmers to buyers of inputs and produce all over the world, giving them the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. Since its origin, EZ Cultivating has worked with various private and business clients.

10. Letsfarm

is a platform where anyone can effectively engage in agriculture with the intention of encouraging young people to pursue careers in agriculture. Letsfarm is short for “Let us Farm.”

11. FarmFunded

is an agrotechnology company that connects donors with farmers who require financial assistance to expand their farming operations.

12. Farmcenta

Farmcenta is the agri-tech company in Nigeria with the fastest growth. Its mission is to provide farmers and agribusinesses with sustainable access to the resources they need to make the most of their contribution to global food security.

13. Farm360

is the process of growing, processing, and selling fresh and processed meat (such as chicken, turkey, goats, rams, cattle, rabbit, cane rats, and so on) on a farm. Farm360, a Nigerian fully owned integrated farming company, also cultivates crops, catfish, vegetables, and fruits. Their farm-fresh products are shipped from the farm in catering or consumer packaging that is suitable for grocery and retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and food service organizations. Before we deliver our chilled or frozen products, we guarantee that they meet the required specifications, packaging, and food safety standards.

Before making an investment, investigate the platform’s current financial situation and payout frequency over the previous few months. However, the aforementioned platforms are now legitimate and ranked among the best regardless of ranking.

Is it really worth investing in agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria?

We can confidently assert that investments are worthwhile, despite the fact that the terms and conditions for them vary from platform to platform. This is because the majority of these platforms offer excellent rates and annual returns of up to 100 percent. However, there are strict requirements for this lucrative investment, such as minimum investment amounts and investment terms.

Additionally, compared to equities, a volatile market, the investment typically carries fewer risks and is safer. However, this does not mean that they are risk-free. Before investing any money in a platform, it is essential to investigate its current investment pattern, regardless of your point of view.

How can I contribute to these Nigerian agricultural investment platforms?

Actually, different platforms have different registration requirements and methods for investing. As a result, researching the platform you want to invest in is essential. Some of them also offer mobile applications to make things easier, but you have to go to their main websites to use some of them. However, they typically proceed in the same manner:

To learn more about the investment services they provide and to make a decision about your investment, visit their official website. You can also download their mobile application to make things easier if they have one.
proceed and comply with the platform’s requirements for the due process.
Before making a decision, ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the investment.

The final step, making payments, allows you to keep track of how your investment is growing.


In conclusion, investing in agriculture remains one of the most lucrative sectors. Additionally, the likelihood of a capital loss is reduced because many of the investments made on these platforms are insured. They also offer comparatively higher returns on investment when compared to other national industries.

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