How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

Learning how to make money online is one of the best choices you can make as a Nigerian in this time and age. Making money from the internet in the comfort of your home or office is a reliable strategy to endure the current economic crisis in Nigeria while maintaining your peace of mind. The good part of making money online is that you won’t have to rely solely on the Nigerian Naira because you’ll also have the chance to earn in dollars and convert it to your local currency which is substantially high. Everyone can sell their skills and services for money on the internet market, which is a worldwide industry.


What To Know About Making Money Online

Making money can now be regarded as the future of entrepreneurship. As of now, lots of entrepreneurs are bagging hundreds of thousands of naira constantly by rendering valuable services to their customers on the internet. While all these appear to be enticing, a few things have been spotted about online income severally which are explained below.

1. It Requires Skills

Making Money online can be very enticing, however, it takes a level of competency in diverse skills to make the money from the internet. The truth is, the internet is a wide and competitive place to trade your skills. However, it’s best to be good at what you offer, this way you’re sure to make it big in any niche you find yourself in.

2. Patience Is Vital

You may be fooled by eye-catching headlines that say you can make $1,000 in a day without really offering something highly technical. While this may be true, you must have been in a particular industry for a long time and must have gathered knowledge before such is possible.


3. Consistency Is Key

After patience, comes consistency. Consistency is a common factor in every story of a successful individual. This is also applicable in the journey of making money online. While some make their breakthrough in less than six months, others make take a year plus before they begin to see improvement. Either way, it is best to keep moving and never relent. Ensure you follow up with your online skill day in and day out.

4. Find Your Area of Specialization

Not everybody will become a crypto trader or an affiliate marketer. However, many people make the mistake of venturing into an online space because they see others excelling in it. It doesn’t work that way, first, find what natural skill you have and correlate it with whatever online skill fits into it. For example, a dramatic and good tutor, or storyteller can easily find their way to YouTube and begin to build that channel to success.

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5. Be Open to New Ideas

Making money on the internet in the comfort of your home becomes both interesting and rewarding if you are such a personality that allows creativity into whatever you do. The fact is, millions of people are already doing that which you’re planning to start. It doesn’t mean you won’t become successful at it, but a touch of creativity and fresh ideas will boost you to the highest level in no time.

Profitable Skills To Make Money Online

You must have digital skills before you begin to make money through the internet. Since the internet offers a wide range of opportunities, kindly select the one that best fits your ability and master it fully to maximize your chances of making money in the largest way possible. Below is a list of ten (10) profitable skills you can learn to make money online.


1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the simplest and quickest methods to make money online is through affiliate marketing. It can be done from the comfort of your own home, it only requires a small financial investment, and you can earn money by promoting goods. Affiliate marketing is a win-win digital skill as it benefits both you and the company you promote.

You may make up to $1,000 every month in commission by just sharing the affiliate link and converting massive sales. However, to effectively promote a product, you need to understand what is being sold and possess the appropriate marketing expertise. One of the main advantages of affiliate marketing is that you only need to promote; the business will handle everything else, such as customer support and delivery.

2. YouTube and Vlogging

Another fun way to earn money online legally is through vlogging and YouTube. You can upload videos on YouTube for a variety of niches, including dancing, teaching, travelling, and speaking, and you can request to join the YouTube partnership program when you meet the program requirement.

Your favourite YouTubers are among the many Nigerians who make a living off of YouTube revenue. All you need to test if you can navigate is your smartphone, some video editing software, and some paid or free instruction. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you were consistent.

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3. Blogging

One of the most amazing ways to earn money online in Nigeria is through blogging. It is flexible, economical, and entirely legal. Your main responsibility as a blogger is to produce articles or news that you then post on your website for readers to read. From there, you may start making money by charging consumers and businesses to advertise on your website.

Through blogging, thousands of Nigerians make millions of Naira each month and every year. You will agree that in the current economic situation, very few jobs or firms can provide you with such a high salary. And that is just one benefit of operating an online business in Nigeria.

4. Web Development

Website development can be demanding and needs special attention because it is without a doubt among the most crucial talents for earning money. You can use tools that simplify your job by turning a design into a functioning website to avoid the hectic parts of the profession. Alternatively, numerous “no code” technologies are available, enabling website creation for those who have no prior coding experience.

Additionally, every company requires a website to display its services, goods, and other information online. It is simple and won’t take much time to understand the fundamentals of improving the functioning of your website by switching themes or adding new plugins.

5. Freelancing

Another simple way for Nigerians to make money online is by freelancing. You can easily provide people all around the world with your digital services as a freelancer. You’ll need strong digital abilities if you want to succeed in the freelance industry. You can then offer your digital abilities on a freelance website like Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn once you have mastered your craft.

6. Social Media Influencing

Many Twitter and Instagram influencers profit continuously from assisting companies in reaching their target audiences. You can explore additional social media networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. For instance, many WhatsApp TV users make thousands of naira every day by assisting others in using their WhatsApp statuses to promote their businesses. Additionally, some influential people receive endorsements from major brands like Fearless, Bet9ja, and more which pay them exorbitant sums of money in exchange for helping them advertise their products.

7. App Development

Most of the mobile applications you download on PlayStore and App store who created by professionals who are known as app developers. These app developers make use of extensive coding knowledge to build applications that work globally. One of the ways app developers get their pay is by signing up on the program known as Admob. Admob is an advertisement company owned by Google that allows app developers to show advertisements in their mobile applications thereby making a huge sum of money when they are viewed and tapped on.

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8. Amazon KDP

One of the best methods to generate money online, especially if you have impressive writing abilities, is through Amazon KDP. You can also hire someone to create the eBook for you while keeping the Copyright if you don’t know how to write and don’t now have the time to learn. You can upload your eBook or hardcopy book for sale using one of Amazon’s products, KDP.

9. E-commerce

Creating an online store to sell your goods is all that makes eCommerce. Every day, e-commerce is getting simpler, and you can be successful without even having your own personal website. On websites run by other parties, including Jumia, Jiji, Konga, and many others, many people do their eCommerce business. You might also think about utilizing Facebook and Instagram for your online store. The WhatsApp business app is another option. You will need solid copywriting and marketing skills to succeed in the eCommerce industry.

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is comparable to e-commerce in certain ways. The only difference is that with dropshipping, you do not necessarily have the product on hand before you make sales. You only need to find buyers for a product for which you already have a dropshipping agreement. Customers will pay you as if you were the original manufacturer of the products after placing an order for a certain item. The product will then be ordered from the manufacturers and the supplier will receive and then deliver them to the customers who needed them.


Making money on the internet is not a fairy tale. It is a realistic process that only needs focus, consistency, and patience to make the best out of it. Some of the richest personalities in Nigeria at the moment such as Linda Ikeji (Blogger), Tunde Ednut (Instagram influencer) and many others are living testimonies that prove that online revenue is real when done the right way.

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