Discovery Insurance: Company, Products & Services Complete Review

Discovery Insurance: Company, Products & Services Complete Review

Discovery Insurance remains one of the best car, home, and business-based insurance companies in South Africa. The car insurance company offers comprehensive car, business, and home insurance packages while using world-class technology to bring about innovations. If you have been hearing about the insurance company and you desire to gather extensive information such as on how to get started, their offers, and more. Kindly see through this content to find the best information you can get.


What Is Discovery Insurance?

Discovery is an automobile, home, and business company that has got your back covered when talking of insurance plans that have to do with homes, cars, and businesses. Discovery Insure is ranked as the second-best insurance company in the world. Yes, that’s right, second best in the world. Additionally, insurance companies make use of advanced technology to deliver the best life-changing experience to their clients. For a large number of people who have partnered with the company, the satisfaction rate is on the high side which hints that you will have no reason to regret it.

What is Discovery ‘Vitality’ and How Does It Work?

To make rewards effective, Discovery Auto Insurance uses a program called Discovery Vitality to learn about its customers’ driving habits. You must enrol in this program and give Discovery permission to put a tracker on your car whenever you purchase your auto insurance. With this, Discovery will be able to obtain information about your driving habits. Once everything is set up, all that’s left to do is drive safely to earn the rewards. You will accumulate VitalityDrive points while you drive your car to be eligible for the incentives. Of course, the premium and fuel discounts will change based on your Vitality Driver points, which in turn depend on how you drive. You stand a better chance of getting the best rewards when your driving skills are top-notch.

How To Get Started With Discovery Insurance

If you opt to get Discovery auto insurance, there will be a pre-inspection session during which Discovery personnel will confirm that the information you provided about the features and overall condition of your vehicle is accurate. By the way, you should be aware that the online quote they provided you with could be revised following such an inspection; so, you won’t receive the official vehicle insurance price until that time. However, if you receive expensive pricing, you can attempt to reduce your invoice by purchasing a less expensive auto insurance policy.


Why Choose Discovery Insure?

With hundreds of several car, home, and business insurance companies you will be wondering why you should go for Recovery Insurance. The following bullet points carefully state why you should partner with the insurance company. The first reason why you should opt for recovery insurance is because of their caregiving policies which help their clients to enjoy optimal benefits. Some or most of these benefits are seen in their plans which are designed to offer the best deal and better life for their clients.

Second, the Discovery insurance company is verified and has previously won several awards for its outstanding work in the industry. They have received a higher number of positive reviews from their clients over the years that they have been in business, indicating that you will undoubtedly enjoy their products and services.

Another reason for you to partner with Discovery insurance company is their healthcare system. The insurance company takes the health of their clients very seriously so they have designed a system that helps in the large distribution of health care services which they term “Discovery Prepaid Health”. With this system, clients of this insurance company can receive quality healthcare services at a very minimal price compared to other private hospitals.

How would you like to have a retirement plan with your insurance company? Surprisingly, the Discovery insurance company is one of the few insurance firms that have retirement plans for their loyal customers. With this insurance plan, you can be certain of receiving some retirement funds to support your business at the best time possible. How does it sound to you when an insurance company pays you incentives for engaging in physical health activities for your well-being? This idea promotes physical well-being for the clients of this insurance company and at the same time helps them keep fit.


Discovery Insure Products & Services

As an Insurance company with years of expertise, Discovery insurance company has proved its relevance in the company delivering quality services to its clients. The Discovery Insurance company’s products and services entail insurance activities affecting home, cars, and business-related insurance. This means you can partner with the company on different levels. As a shared-value employer product, Discovery for business provides businesses with a full range of insurance, financial, and wellness products, including integrated corporate benefits, risk management strategies, and employee benefits.

For Home insurance services, the company has several offers to help with your mortgage payment, rent payments, and more. The last product which is offered by Discovery insurance is Car Insurance. Car insurance pertains to services to make your vehicular affairs run smoothly. Some of the car insurance plans are below.

Discovery Insurance Plans

The Discovery Insurance plans feature three (3) solid plans cited below. However, with Discovery Insurance, you can obtain more than just auto insurance; you can also get industry-leading innovation, service, and safety features at incredibly low prices. With available cutting-edge auto insurance coverage, you have the choice to enrol in Vitality Drive, of which the driver behaviour program pays you for safe driving while providing you with extreme safety features. How great does this sound? Follow up for more information.

Discovery Insure Plans include;

1. Essential Plan

People who purchase the Discovery Essential Plan for auto insurance are covered for full coverage. With Vitality Drive, the insurance company clients can receive up to 25% in monthly fuel rebates for safe driving. For those who drive safely, Vitality Drive offers discounts on Uber trips of up to 10%. Customers who drive safely can receive monthly refunds of up to 25% of their Gautrain expenses.

2. Classic Plan

If a customer’s claim is based on a vehicle-related issue, a weather-related issue, or if an insured third party causes an accident, the Classic plan does not require an excess payment toward the customer’s insured vehicle. Where excess payment is required, insured car owners can choose the excess amount that will be paid by Discovery Insure in the event of a claim. This is why the Discovery Classic plan offers more benefits than the Essential plan for enhanced comprehensive auto insurance. The Vitality Drive Program rewards policyholders who drive safely with safety features and prizes.

3. Purple Plan

The Discovery Purple Plan is for customers with covered assets. The purple plan provides full-coverage auto insurance with improved perks. The purple plan’s benefits surpass those of the Classic and Essential plans. The plan includes a professional Discovery Insure service representative to handle a person’s unique insurance requirements.

Features of Discovery Insure Plans

1. No Excess

Under this plan, it simply implies that there is no excess (payment) if an insured third-party vehicle gets involved in an accident. For instance, when another insured vehicle is probably insured under the Discovery Insurance company or otherwise, the company is to pay for the damages of the Discovery-insured vehicle.

2. Emergency Roadside Assistance

Nobody can predict when something unfortunate may happen, especially on the road where hundreds of vehicles operate. However, once you get your vehicle insured with this insurance company there is 24/7 available health assistance in case an accident happens. And in any case, if it occurs, Discovery Insure is always ready to render full medical, mechanical and other sorts of assistance depending on which is needed.

3. Trauma Support

The trauma support offered by Discovery is characterized by professional counselling when either an auto crash or car hijack/theft occurs. This support aims at helping victims get their emotions together and also provide their way forward in such a scenario. This is one of the very few options you will find on other insurance companies out there.

4. Personal Liability

You can enjoy some cover if you are legally responsible for some sort of financial compensation relating to vehicular affairs. In such a scenario whereby an accident causes physical injury, illness, car damage, or even death, the insurance company is fully ready to give you some financial backups.


The Discovery Insurance products and services surrounding a home, cars, and businesses offer a lot of services which is most prevalent in the area of cars. The complete review given in this article implies that the company has a good reputation and has gotten its customers to trust them. In any case, if you’re looking for a reliable car insurance company with beneficial policies, you can opt for the Discovery insurance company.

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