Hagerty Insurance Review: Pros, Cons, Agent, & Complete Review

Hagerty Insurance Review: Pros, Cons, Agent, & Complete Review

If you’re familiar with auto insurance companies, you should have heard of Hagerty Insurance company which is greatly contributing to the maintenance of classic cars in the United States, UK, Germany, Canada and a handful of other countries. Before 1991, the Hagerty company was fully focused on antique boats in the outlined locations before making a huge addition to their operations.


Hagerty however stands as the most vibrant automobile industry when it comes to classic automobile insurance. While most customers have commended Hagerty’s customer service, some have complained that it was challenging to have a good experience with the firm. However, the majority of the reviews are positive which hints that they are a good company to deal with. Without further explanations, let’s get a full and assured review of the Hagerty Insurance company.

Hagerty Car Insurance Policies

You can consider purchasing a car to be a dream come true or an investment. You should be aware of how much it costs to keep your car running smoothly. For a safe and worry-free existence, investing in your car insurance is vital. This is where Hagerty Insurance company comes in. However, the company has a number of policies guiding its code of conduct and they are;

1. Property Damage Policy

This is one of the most prominent policies that the Hagerty car insurance company takes into the record. The policy surrounds the fact that physical damages done by your car to other objects in different states of operation are covered to a certain percentage. This policy only applies to damages that a car has caused and not the damages metered on the car itself.


For example, when you partner with the Hagerty insurance company and your vehicle rams into a fence causing a direct collapse. The company is partly responsible to assist in mending such a damaged fence under the policy of “property damage”. However, another policy will be responsible for the repair of your vehicle which is discussed next paragraph.

2. Collision Damage Policy

Now, this is the policy that is fully responsible for the physical damage to your vehicle. Unlike the previous policy that deals with damages that your car caused, this policy is designed by Hagerty company to help fix your vehicle whenever it experiences an unfortunate event, thereby damaging it.

In a situation whereby your car gets involved in an auto crash, or fire outbreak or gets stolen. This policy will be responsible; thereby prompting the company to help you fix your car to the previous status it was before the incident occurred.

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3. Bodily Injury Liability Policy

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for the victim’s medical expenses of an automobile accident. In the event that you are affected by damages, this coverage also aids in covering the cost of your hospitality bills.


The majority of auto insurance policies contain bodily injury liability coverage, which is also a requirement in the majority of states of which Hagerty insurance company has too.

4. Spare Parts Coverage

The Hegarty insurance company also has a slot for Spare parts for their customers. Typically, $750 is often set aside from the whole insurance fee to manage the affairs of vehicular spare parts. This is a guarantee that any part of an insured car that gets worn out of spoilt can be amended according to the insurance company.

5. Auto Show Medical Policy

While the bodily insurance policy of the insurance company may be focused on the health care of the original vehicle owner, the auto show medical policy allows medical assistance for both you, family members, and friends that may be involved in a car accident by the insured vehicle. A $10,000 fee is always set aside to enforce this policy.

Pros and Cons of Hegarty Insurance Company

The Hegarty insurance company also has a good side and a non-perfect side which we must make visible so that interested individuals can have a pure understanding of the type of insurance company they are. We hereby present to you the Pros and Cons of this insurance.


Available Technologies

The insurance company has a wide range of technological advancement tools that they use in carrying out most of their automobile insurance operations. We all know that the relevance of technology cannot be underestimated in the 21st century, especially when dealing with insurance activities that involve thousands if not millions of customers nationwide.

However, with the availability of enough technology to carry out activities, you can be sure to receive 99.9% satisfaction when you partner with the insurance company either for your automobile or based on other subcategories of insurance they handle.

Great Customer Service

With enough information gathered online, it is said that the Hagerty insurance company has very efficient customer service. You can be sure to get an immediate response from the customer service team of this insurance company whenever you run into an issue. Since communication between customers and their business partners is very important then this is a huge plus for the company.

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Benefits High-risk Drivers

Are you that driver that often runs into an auto crash from time to time, or has your vehicle developed fault almost every time? If you are considering an insurance company, Hagerty insurance company has got you covered. You can be assured that any misfortunes that befall a vehicle will be greatly attended to by the Hagerty insurance company team.

Highly Beneficial To Classic Car Owners

If you are looking for a company in the insurance sector that has a vast knowledge of classic vehicles, then you won’t be mistaken to pick Hegarty insurance company as your option. Presently, and with the foundational knowledge they are one of the best in the world. Since classic vehicles have slightly different machinery, it is best to partner with a company that has straightforward and raw knowledge of them, when talking about insurance.


Very Little Discounts

The Hegarty insurance company wants you to pay fully for the value they offer. This is one of the disadvantages which comes with partnering with the company although it has its other benefits. While you’re looking for an automobile insurance company to offer you great discounts, the Hegarty insurance company may not be the best approach because their discounts are almost unadjustable.

Customers’ Service Differs Depending on State

Recall that it has been mentioned in this article that the agency insurance company has different branches across the globe. They are fully operational in the United States Germany Canada UK and many more. While this is a very beautiful scenario, the company’s customer service differs depending on which state you are in.

This means while you are receiving 100% satisfying customer service in Canada, the customer service in the United Kingdom may not be very friendly to you. This remains one of the setbacks you may experience while signing up for this automobile insurance company.

Hagerty Insurance Agents List for 2022

  • CoVerica In
  • Full Octane Insurance LLC
  • Farris Insurance Agency
  • Larry S Helms & Associates
  • Classic Automobile Insurance Agency
  • Primary Source Insurance Agency
  • Inszone Insurance Services
  • Greg Allen Insurance Agency
  • John Abrams & Associates Insurance
  • Stonewall Insurance Group Inc
  • Gingerbread Insurance Agency LLC
  • HWI Motorsports
  • A Newton & Young Insurance LLC
  • Bankers Insurance LLC
  • Bearingstar Insurance
  • Electric Insurance Agency
  • The Phoenix Insurance
  • Hot Rod Insurance
  • Roger Schmitz
  • Schmidt Brothers Insurance Services
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NOTE: The Hagerty insurance company is open for interested firms/persons willing to partner with or become an agent. They can be contacted via their website for more information.

Hagerty Car Acceptance Guidelines

Storage of Vehicles

The automobile insurance company has great regard for how their clients can safeguard the vehicles which they insure with them. This includes where the cars should be parked such as whether in a garage, pole barn, or more. However, it is noted that motorcycles are not eligible to be insured by them if kept in a carport.

The company also notes that public parking garages are allowed in most regions. They are only not allowed in California. Subsequently, the car park must be monitored by a 24/7 surveillance camera, an alarm system, or a security guard. It is also advisable that separate parking spaces are provided.

Driver Eligibility

  • Alcohol-related issues

Note that drivers with a history of alcoholism are strictly kept out of the insurance program. The drivers pose a threat and may not be able to promote the safety of an insured vehicle which is why the company frowns at such.

  • Reckless Driving

Secondly, reckless drivers are also kept out of the insurance program. They will break and break the company car insurance policy which may cause too many setbacks in such a scenario.

  • High Driving Speed

Drivers who drive with speed or cause too many driving violations are not allowed to partner with Hagerty insurance company. Their lack of safety driving antagonizes the interest of the company as a whole. It is best to steer away from these three driving violations for better chances of being accepted into the car insurance program.


If you are an owner of a Classic vehicle and you need a reliable insurance company to rely on, the Hagerty insurance company is the best choice for you. You will surely enjoy their policies. Once you abide by their ‘driver eligibility’ and ‘vehicle storage’ you are good to go.

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